Clean and Simple.

Street Fare Project Exhibition

Street art is now, arguably, the most pervasive and diverse art of all. On walls in cities around the world, street art gives rise to immediate cultural dialogue between artist and viewer, without the usual intermediaries of gallery, curator and critic. In this project, I engage in a dialogue with artists who, anonymously and impermanently, explore universal issues, political, social and religious. 

After photographing appropriated post-graffiti paintings in many locations of the world, using black and white film, I had my photographs digitally printed on canvas, an excellent ground for mixed media. Then I moved on to alter the images, (as it is often done on the street) using paint, collage and other techniques, to add layers of change applicable to my own impressions of the subject matter, and to create additional or alternate meanings. Applied within the photograph or layered onto the canvas, these changes create new significance to the appropriated original.

My work explores this universal impact. Recognizing the global exchange of cultural critique from country to country, allows me to observe and then go beyond this observation to enhance meaning in the new image. In doing so, I will make reference to my own context as an artist and specifically to my own Canadian cultural perspective

Chipped Man, Lisbon Portugal 2012

Take Something, Leave Something, Ottawa Canada 2012

Student Protests Montreal QC Canada 2012

London Bird Girl, London UK 2011

Love, Toronto Canada 2012

Ganesha Rome Italy 2012

Abstract of Space, Lisbon Portugal 2012

Help Child Soldiers/QRCODE"Omar Khadr" Toronto Canada 2012

I Love You Jesus/Che Lisbon Portugal 2011

Garbage In, Garbage Out, Lisbon Portugal 2011

Dainty Bustier, The Azores, 2011

Anonymous/Hacktivists are Everywhere, Florence Italy 2012