Clean and Simple.

Dancer and his Father at the Taj Mahal, Agra India

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A few of the photographs

that I have made around the world.

More to come soon..

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Igloo Cathedral, Inuvik, NWT

Fat is Good, Catania, Sicily

Callejon de Hamel, (Street of Street Art), Havana, Cuba

Medieval Stairwell Ruin, France

Mararajah's Astronomy Project, Jaipur, India

Ephesus Ruin, Turkey

Mud Mosque, Mali

Choice Beauty Clinic, Agra, India

Eyes, Santiago, Chile

Cinco Heroes, Havana Cuba

Singapore Temple

Neolithic Town, France

Street Festival in Rome, Italy

St. Louis, Senegal Election Announcement

Veteran's Memorial on Remembrance Day, Ottawa Canada

In Central Havana, Cuba

McWilliams of Lilydale, Australia

Indian Family Transport, Jaipur

Callejon de Hamel Entrance Painting, Havana Cuba

Street Carousel, Toulouse, France

Beach near Port Arthur Prison, Tasmania

Vintage Car Towels Havana Cuba

Giza, Egypt

Winery Topiary, Bordeaux, France

Festival in Ajiijic Mexico

Wandering Polar Bear Holman NWT Canada

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VW Sculpture, Valparaiso, Chile